Worldwide Commtrade - Wheat

Wheat is the main cereal crop in India. The total area under the crop is about 29.8 million hectares in the country. India is second largest producer of Wheat in the world after China with about 12% share in total world Wheat production.

Indian Milling Wheat


Gluten (On wet basis) 24% Min.
Protein 11 to 12% Min.
Moisture 12%
Test weight 78 kg/HL Min.
Foreign Matter 2% Max
Damaged Grains 2% Max
Falling Nu 300 Min
Shrivelled / Shrunken & Broken 6% Max
Other Food Grains 2% Max
Weevilled & Bored Grains 2% Max


We offer finest quality Indian Wheat Flour and are already supplying to South - East Asia and Far East Asian Markets.


Protein 11- 13% Dry Basis
Gluten 27 % Wet Basis
Moisture 12-13% Max
Ash 0.6 % Max
Origin Indian