Worldwide Commtrade - Rice

Rice is one of the most important food crop of India and 2nd of the world. It feeds more than 50 % of the world population. It is the staple food of most of the people of South-East Asia. Asia accounts for about 90 % and 91 % of world’s rice area and production respectively. Among the rice growing countries, India having the largest area under rice in the world and in case of production it is next to China.

Basmati Rice

India is the biggest producer and Exporter of Basmati rice in following qualities:

  • Long grain white rice
  • Long grain Parboiled rice
  • Long grain Brown rice
  • Long grain Pusa rice
  • Long grain Sarbati rice


Machine sortex clean quality

Packing in 5/10/20/45/50 kg (Jute/Paper/PP bags).

Non Basmati Rice

India is one of the major players in Non-Basmati rice in following varieties:

  • Long grain PR106 / IR64 quality
  • Medium grain IR36 quality
  • Short grain P4/ 1001 quality


Machine sortex clean quality 5% broken
Non sortex quality 10 % broken
25% broken

Packing in 25 / 50 kg(PP bags).

Broken Rice

In India two types of broken rice are exported:

Indian White Broken Rice
Specifications are following:

Full grains 4% Max
Small broken less then 1/4 grain length 20% Max
Chalky grains 6% Max
Damage/discolour grains 1.5% Max
Moisture 13.5% Max

Double polish sortex clean quality

Indian Parboiled Broken Rice

Specifications are following:

Full grains 5% Max
Damage/discolour grains 2% Max
Black grains 0.5% Max
Moisture 13.5% Max

Sortex clean quality